Fund management is a type of career where the FM provides services to private companies and individuals about buying and selling their investments shares,  bonds, stocks to help the client gain more profit and have a higher return of investment. World Oil Trade , through the help of their professional team, will help you in bringing you investment to the next level since they also have the top fund management firms. Thus, it is important to start investing at an early age to gain more profit and prepare for future plans, retirement, future kids’ education.

What Does a Day to Day Life of  a Fund Manager Look Like?

As mentioned in the early part of this article, a fund manager is someone who handles and monitor the investment of his/her client. An FM is also someone who trades and negotiate on behalf of clients. They are different from sales person, because they are not simply selling products. They must work as closely as possible with their clients to come up with an effective investment strategies and analyze trading activities.

A fund manager is also someone who make sure that the client’s assets are managed properly in the most cost-efficient and profitable way as possible. They specifically give close attention and focus on risk associated with capitalizing on cash flow.

If you are the type of person who loves to do research and analyze, then you must pursue this type of career because most of time, fund managers conduct research about a company, gather information, analyze financial briefing, meet and negotiate with investment analyst.

The Career Path of a Fund Manager 

If you are a fresh graduate and you want to want to start working as a fund manager, then you should think first because this is definitely not an entry-level position. If your background is about finance, then you will probably start as an analyst first where your job includes analyzing companies’ financial results and learning more about how the company operates. Analyst will gather enough information about companies that are relevant to their employees and the fund manager will use this information to make investment decisions.

There are factors that must be considered before hiring a fund manager: your investment goal because this is what you must establish first; performance track record of the fund manager; Investment philosophy of the fund manager; years of experience because you will be needing a fund manager that really knows what is best for your investment.