A lot of stories are available online that explain the origin of the Illuminati. Of course, not every story must be believed, and you must always be critical of everything that you will read. Nevertheless, the conspiracy theories surrounding the Illuminati are entertaining indeed. In fact, the Illuminati has been in several Hollywood movies, TV series, and best-selling books, which proves how much the public roots for the existence of this group. Still, as of this day, there is no solid evidence that will show the existence of the Illuminati. If there is anything close to the infamous Illuminati that actually existed once in this world, that is the Bavarian Illuminati.

One of the popular theories about the Illuminati is that the secret organization is the one behind every major conflicts that shaped our history. It is said that the Illuminati has its members scattered in every corner of the world, influencing the run of events so that the result will be in their favor. The secret society aims only one thing: world domination.

The Illuminati is also rumored to be establishing a single, centralized governing body wherein only their words will become the rule. This is known as the New World Order, and the stories suggest that we are slowly heading into that direction as every nation will have no choice but to submit to the Illuminati’s growing power.

Of course, all these things are nothing but mere speculations and theories. No one every had a solid evidence to show that the Illuminati is starting to take over the world, or even a proof that a secret society called the Illuminati actually exists. However, if we do our own little research, a group known as the Bavarian Illuminati did form in the early centuries in Europe, but the group had nothing to do with dominating nations.