You may have already heard a lot of crazy conspiracy theories about the so-called Illuminati, a secret organization that has one sinister motive for all of us: world domination. According to the popular theories (which you can easily read online), the Illuminati is composed of the influential personalities all around the world, and its members use their power and influence over their followers to make them act according to the order’s will. The group is also believed to be responsible in the major events and conflicts that had happened over the past couple of years, and the result of these events is exactly what the secret society wanted to happen.

Talking about the Illuminati is scary for sure, but that is because what we have heard about the mysterious group so far is all based on imaginative minds. There are no concrete evidences to show that the Illuminati trying to build a New World Order exists today. However, if you dig some info online, the secret society of Illuminati did exist in the early centuries. No, it did not aim to control the world and to dominate everyone else.

We cannot blame others for believing what the conspiracy theorists have feed into their minds all these years about the Illuminati, or the Bavarian Illuminati to be exact. For starters, there are very few readings available that will explain the origin and existence of the secret society. Fortunately, there is one document published in 1786 or 1787 by the Bavarian Government that was unraveled by researchers recently. The document served as a warning to the public for the rise of the Illuminati in Bavaria. The name of the said document is originally in German, but it can be translated in English to “The Original Writings Of The Order And Sect Of The Illuminati“. Based on these writings, the governing bodies during that period were alarmed by the emergence of this group that searches for the path to enlightenment, which would challenge their teachings to the public.