The all-seeing eye is often attributed to the secret organization called the Illuminati. This symbol resembles a sun with a triangle at the center. Inside the triangle, there is an eye that emanates rays of light in all directions. The all-seeing eye is said to symbolize a single entity that can see everything that is happening below it, and is also the one that takes control of everything. Thus, it is not surprising that most people believe that the all-seeing eye is the perfect illustration of the Illuminati, as the group has been rumored to be working towards world domination. According to a bunch of conspiracy theories available online, the Illuminati is secretly manipulating major events in the world so that they can shape the history of humankind as how they like it to be. The secret organization aims to build a New World Order, in which every nation submits to its rule.

Of course, no one wants this kind of set-up happening. The good news is that there are no credible sources that will say for sure that the Illuminati is here to control us all. In fact, there are even no evidences proving that the Illuminati exists. Up to this very day, all we can see online are baseless speculations that are often obviously written by someone with a wild imagination. Although, if there is one real Illuminati that existed, it is the Bavarian Illuminati. It was a secret society formed in the early centuries in Europe, but instead of planning to invade every country in the world, the Bavarian Illuminati only aimed to find the path to enlightenment, and to understand how the world works.