There are many interesting stories online regarding the Illuminati, a secret organization that is rumored to be controlling every major events that are happening all over the globe. The influence of the Illuminati is said to be so vast that every nation is bound to its will. Yet, in spite of the claims that the Illuminati is the most powerful and influential group there is in the world, there is no solid evidence that can prove its existence. The lack of credible information about the Illuminati may be understandable, given that the group is said to be a secret society. However, without concrete proof, all the conspiracy theories about the Illuminati will remain baseless and nothing but a mere source of entertainment.

It cannot be denied that the conspiracy theories online are more entertaining to read than the actual texts in history books. Anyone who has a creative mind can write anything he wants and post it in the social media. The thing is, we often overlook the line that separates reality from fiction. The plot line about the Illuminati taking over the world has been used in several Hollywood movies and best-selling books, and we should know by now that these are just figments of imagination. There are no accounts that can support the idea of the Illuminati’s quest to world domination, but most people think as if the Illuminati actually exists and is out to control us all.

Some people have actually done their own research and found out real information about the Illuminati. For starters, the real Illuminati no longer exists today, but the group was born as the Bavarian Illuminati in Europe during the early centuries. The group did not wish to build a New World Order or something related to that. Instead, it was focused on discovering the path to enlightenment. Thanks to people like Jeva Singh Anand that we are able to read credible information about the group.