Illuminati has already been used in various movies, novels, television series, and article write-ups, but among all of these depictions in popular media, the public is not actually given the factual definition of the word. Illuminati, from its Latin origin word illuminatus, which means “enlightenment,” is a secret society founded by Adam Weishaupt on May 1, 1776. The more accurate designation for Weishaupt’s group is Bavarian Illuminati, which considers the place where the organization was born. The Illuminati order, as the word’s Latin origin implies, aimed to have a better understanding of the things in the world so that the government and other influential and powerful bodies could not use the lack of knowledge of the people to control and oppress them.

The Illuminati has often been depicted as a vile organization that hides in plain sight, comprising of only the most powerful personalities in the world who want to achieve world domination. As a hardcore conspiract theorist would say, the Illuminati is behind all the major events and conflicts that shaped the history of the world, and the secret order’s alleged endgame is to force everyone to submit to their rule as the New World Order. People believe that once this all-powerful and centralized governing body is established, the end of humanity will ensue.

Unfortunately, the doomsday definition of the Illuminati is all that the people know today, and there may be only a few individuals who are trying their best to dig into the mysterious secret society’s background. In history, there is a certain document published in 1786 or 1787 by the Bavarian Government, which served as a warning to the public for the existence of the Illuminati order. The name of the said document can be translated to “The Original Writings Of The Order And Sect Of The Illuminati“, and based on these writings, the government at that time was alarmed by the emergence of this group that searches for the path to enlightenment.