the Hustler University’s India-dedicated learning resources could provide the solution to the ongoing falling employment rate in the country. The online learning program provides guidance that will enable the young people of India to find jobs in the nation’s modern-day economy.

India’s How Does Hustler University India Fit in the Nation’s Modern Economy

India's Booming EconomyIndia’s modern economy pertains to the country’s transformation into a developing mixed mid-income social media market economy. The transformation catapulted India’s global ranking to being the 5th largest economy in the world based on nominal Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

The achievement is significant since GDP represents the total market value of the country’s locally produced goods and services during a given period of time. It’s a positive economic indicator as it denotes self-sufficiency.

Moreover, the achievement made it possible for India to clinch the ranking of having the 3rd largest Purchasing Power Parity (PPP) in the world. PPP by the way refers to the rate of currency conversion used in equalizing the purchasing power of different international currencies.

A nation that has a high GDP PPP is indicative of high standards of living and of having more economic development because it has the support of better infrastructures.

Continuing Population Boom: A Potential Detriment to India’s Economic Growth

Indian youthOne of the critical detriments to India’s economic growth and continuing success, is its rapidly growing population. India today has the largest population, by having more than 1.42 billion people. The number overtook China’s 1.41 billion after the latter experienced its first population decline in 2022.

Economic analysts in India perceive the need to create jobs for India’s growing population of young people. Many of whom have spent time and money for higher education. However, in a country that is predominantly agrarian and providing about 58% employment to the nation’s entire population, many young Indians fail to find the jobs they need.

If the majority of these young people continue to experience failure to find lucrative employment, the outcome could stunt India’s chances of fueling future economic growth. This condition makes it imperative for the population of young Indian professionals to acquire and develop skills that will enable them to work or participate in new business models like ecommerce, freelance tasks, crypto currency trading, affiliate marketing and similar other Internet-based employment.

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