People nowadays are willing to do everything to gain money and power. Because of our struggles to live a comfortable life, we tend to forget that there are many other things in life that we should look forward to. Unfortunately, that is no longer the case when we are in danger of being targeted by others who prey on what we have. It is always a never-ending cycle of dominance, thus leading to major conflicts that only cause harm to everyone.

Enter the Illuminati, a mysterious secret society that has been long rumored to offer a source of limitless fortune and influence to its potential members. You may have already read about the Illuminati and the “all-seeing eye,” which is said to be in charge of everything that is happening in our world. It is scary indeed that a secret organization is controlling everyone of us, and there is nothing we can do to stop them. For its members, however, the conspiracy theories suggest that they also have their share of bending the fate of the people according to their will, for as long as they will strive to follow the ways of the Illuminati.

Not everyone can be a member of the Illuminati, as only the ones with the potential to become powerful and influential personalities are said to be invited in. This makes sense, as the group is said to be fixated so much on power and money. No one has an idea on how the new members are inducted, but some interesting stories say that the members undergo some sort of ritual to finalize their membership.