By browsing through your Facebook news feed everyday, you may have already encountered a handful of conspiracy theory articles that touch on the end times. In four out of five of this kind of articles, the writer is likely to have mentioned the Illuminati, which is often described as a secret order that dictates how the world revolves. The group is composed of powerful personalities who can use their influence to manipulate people. Illuminati members, according to conspiracy theorists, can be high-ranking government officials, military generals, or even hotshot celebrities in music and film. This is why you often hear the names of Lady Gaga, Katy Perry and Beyonce as the latest members of the Illuminati, and supporting their craft is a way of giving power to the Illuminati.

Being a member of the Illuminati is said to bring endless fortune and fame, and that is why people nowadays are quick to speculate that anyone who is able to become rich and popular had a little help from the mysterious secret society. Of course, there is no proof that the Illuminati has such power and influence to make this happen, nor there is anything to show that the Illuminati is, in fact, existing. What is true, though, is that the Illuminati really did formed in the early centuries when it was first known as the Bavarian Illuminati.

Contrary to popular belief, the main motivation for the founders of the real Illuminati is not to dominate the world or to make themselves richer and more influential. Instead, the notable Illuminati members in history aimed to provide a way to enlightenment for the rest of the society.