The Illuminati has become a major source of plot points for several blockbuster Hollywood films and best-selling novels, mainly due to the interesting conspiracy theories surrounding it. If you do a little research online, the top result would probably tell you that the Illuminati is a secret society comprised of only the powerful and influential personalities in the world. According to conspiracy theorists, the Illuminati is a silent manipulator, concocting some of the major turning events in history so that they could have a better control of the world. The group has been painted as somewhat sinister, controlling nations without them knowing it until one day, they would all submit to its rule and form the New World Order. What is scarier is that according to the Roman Catholic scriptures, the establishment of the New World Order would bring upon the end times, so the Illuminati, if the conspiracy theorists are to be believed, are really up to no good.

At this point, it is better if we exert a little more effort in digging up solid facts and evidences instead of looking for unchecked details that would pass off as script for an apocalyptic movie. Luckily for us, there are people doing their work in searching for the true background of the Illuminati. It is correct that the Illuminati, or the Bavarian Illuminati, existed as a secret society. Although, it is a misunderstanding that the group aimed for world domination or the end of mankind. Rather, the Illuminati aimed to search for the path to enlightenment, as a result of people trying to understand the world around them.

Terry Melanson was able to unearth a rare copy of Joe Wages’ interview with Ludwig Wolfram, which offers interesting information on how the secret society operated during the early centuries. This can also serve as a proof that the Illuminati meant no harm to the world, but rather have a better perspective of it by obtaining knowledge.