Hollywood movies, novels, television series, and other popular media may have already introduced you to the Illuminati. However, are you sure that your favorite blockbuster movies are actually telling the truth? While the often depiction of the Illuminati is entertaining, we are not hearing the factual explanation of the group’s origin. A conspiracy theorist can provide you with his “evidences” and “findings” that allegedly prove the existence of the Illuminati, and its quest for world domination and the establishment of the New World Order. How come we have yet to hear or feel the existence of the Illuminati? It is because the group is like a stealth assassin, lurking in the dark as they silently manipulate the major events in our world. Indeed, this kind of stuff can capture your interest easily, but you are being misled big time.

It is a good thing that we have someone like Terry Melanson who does all the work for us in researching about the Illuminati. The work he has done so far is fact-based and not just a figment of someone’s creative mind. One interesting fact he was able to uncover is related to the actual formation of the Illuminati, or the Bavarian Illuminati which was started by Adam Weishaupt  on May 1, 1776. The Illuminati order was actually formed by a group of German students, and Weishaupt  talked to one of his students, an 18-year-old Franz Anton von Massenhausen, about his idea of a secret society that aims to fight the influence of religious groups that interfere with people’s lives. For him, the path to enlightenment must be achieved, but this would not be easy as long as there are powerful and influential groups that are trying to manipulate and oppress the people.

Massenhausen found Weishaupt’s thought’s to be interesting, and he revealed to his teacher that he had already become a member of a secret student society before. Therefore, with Massenhausen’s experience in a secret organization, the Bavarian Illuminati was born, along with three other German students.