There are many explanations that you can find on the internet regarding the true meaning of Illuminati. Most of the things you can search about the word are mostly not good, all because they all pertain to the formation of the so-called New World Order and the impending end times. Of course, these are things that a Hollywood film producer is likely to use as a plot for his next blockbuster project, and we still have a lot to learn about the mysterious movement that was formed in the early centuries.

In history, the only recognized secret society that refers to this Illuminati movement is the Bavarian Illuminati, founded by Adam Weishaupt on May 1, 1776. Based on the Latin origin of the very word, illuminatus, the group is all for enlightenment, and the secret society probably only accepted those people who are enlightened, or the ones that have unique views of the world compared to other people. These views are not crazy or out of this world, but some people at that time were not ready to embrace such revolutionary perspectives that the Bavarian Illuminati wanted to impart.

The only way we can understand the Illuminati order in a more subjective approach is by reading the old accounts of notable figures that were linked to the mysterious secret society. It’s a good thing that Terry Melanson unearthed an interesting tidbit of information that involves two personalities in the movement: Landgrave Carl von Hessen-Kassel and Comte de St. Germain. Per Melanson’s research, the two were very close friends and throughout their lifetime, they shared very revolutionary views of the world. If someone were to hear their conversation, they would be accused of heresy and sent to prison, or worse, be subjected to a death sentence.

A little research about von Hessen-Kassel would give you his background as a practicing alchemist and other things that already verge on magical rather than real. Nevertheless, he still remains as an interesting figure in the world of Masonry, particularly in the Illuminati order, mainly because he worked so hard to reach the path to enlightenment.