The secret order of the Illuminati has been the content of many Hollywood movies and popular TV series over the past several years. While there are no concrete proof that the Illuminati does exist, most people fervently believe that the organization is working its way into our everyday lives. Perhaps you may have already seen some conspiracy theories posted on the social media regarding the Illuminati. The most interesting part of the Illuminati theory is that the secret organization is the one behind every major events that shaped the history of the world. From the countries waging war against each other to the rise of new powerful figureheads, it is said that the Illuminati is the one responsible for all that.

According to popular beliefs, the Illuminati is working hard to control every events that are happening in all corners of the world in order to gain more power and influence. This is also the same reason why the secret society is rumored to recruit only the known influential personalities, not only in the government but also in the world of entertainment. Aside from the Lincoln and Bush families, the famous Illuminati scoop claims that award-winning singers such as Beyonce, Lady Gaga and Adele are also members of the Illuminati. With their huge popularity, they can easily tell their followers to believe what the Illuminati wants them to believe. They can also opt to dictate their will to the people indirectly.

Of course, these things mentioned earlier are nothing but speculations and product of a very imaginative mind. These Illuminati theories are very entertaining indeed, but there is no solid proof up to this day that the secret society exists. Although, in history, a group similar in nature was born in the early centuries called the Bavarian Illuminati.