If you are the one that randomly browses the internet late at night, perhaps you may have already encountered the word “Illuminati.” In the modern setting, Illuminati actually does not sound great because it is widely believed (specifically by the hardcore conspiracy theorists) that it is a secret organization that dictates the major events in our world. It is said to be comprised of only the most influential and most powerful persons in the society, and together, they have been plotting all along in how to control the world under the palm of the Illuminati. One would say that the Illuminati has been creating conflicts behind plain sight in order to force the nations to submit to an all-powerful New World Order, an authoritarian governing body that will bring upon the end times.

At this point, we are now leaving all the Hollywood plotlines aside and focus on what Illuminati really is. For starters, the word Illuminati is a designation used all the way from the 15th century to describe a person or a group who claims to be uniquely enlightened. They have this different view among other people about how the society really works, and based on some original writings of the order of the Illuminati, the group appears to be fighting against the oppressive and manipulative machineries that cause hardships for the ordinary citizens of the early centuries. Their trick, though, is to keep their group under the veil and work on their agendas without anyone knowing it.

The only recognized Illuminati group in history is the Bavarian Illuminati, which was founded by Adam Weishaupt in 1776.