Announcements about the new Pandemic Relief Bill approved by Congress made millions of Americans heave a sigh of relief that financial help is finally coming. However, the reassurance was only fleeting as Trump in his best pesky behavior sent back the bill whilst calling the more than 5,000 pages of bipartisan resolution passed by Congress, as useless. Trump will not affix his signature of approval unless Congress ups the economic relief checks sent directly to Americans to $2,000 per individual or $4,000 per couple.

While the new Pandemic Relief Bill had cut in half the original $1 200 direct payment checks released under the previous CARES Act seemed insufficient, the $600 amount approved by Congress is higher than the $300 financial assistance Trump ordered prior to the November presidential election. Actually Democrats fought hard for a higher amount while Republicans continued to block such a proposal, all the while thinking that Trump will only settle for a low amount of $300.

In fact that was how Treasure Secretary Steve Mnuchin understood was Trump’s position as he continued to work with Democratic leaders Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schummer during the months that Senate Majority Leader Mitch mcConnell stalled with the bill’s deliberation on the Senate floor. The Treasury Secretary had praised the financial package of the Bill approved by Congress last Monday, and was optimistic that Trump would sign it immediately, as Mr. Mnuchin assures the American public that the checks will be credited to their bank account by as early as next week.

Perhaps, had Secretary Mnuchin known that Trump had changed his mind about the $300 amount he previously ordered, the department secretary could have just went on board with what the Democrats had been pushing for all along. Now, even top White House aides were reportedly rattled when Trump started demanding the increase of the direct payment amount; knowing that it would only upset the nearly completed partisan negotiations that sought to have the bill approved before Christmas

Democrats are Seizing the Opportunity, Pressuring McConnell to Immediately Take Action

Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi immediately announced that Democrats are all in support of the Trump’s demand to raise the stimulus aid to $2,000, calling on Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to “do it now!.” Otherwise, the Republican Senator will likely present himself to be the stumbling block in allowing Americans to receive a greater amount of financial aid.

However, Senator McConnel is unusually silent about the matter, while Democratic Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer tweeted that while they would gladly agree to increasing the amount, Trump needs to immediately sign the bill; Not only because the people need to have the money now, but also to keep the government open by not depleting the available federal funds.

Trump’s Brand of Politics is in Play

Democrats agreed to the $600 stimulus check even if it was lower than what they were proposing as the outcome of the presidential election will soon put them in control of the Senate. Little resistance will be met once a new bill will be introduced to increase the amount of stimulus check that Americans will receive as financial aid in an economy beset by the threats posed by the pandemic. Should that be the case, the increase will happen under President-elect Joe Biden’s watch.

Apparently, Trump will not allow that to happen because that will not work well for his image, of wanting to be the greatest president in the history of American politics.

Had the $2,000 paycheck become available after the CARES Act expired in July 2020, millions of Americans would have been able to pay their rent and/or their mortgage amortizations, student loans or credit obligations without having to take out personal loans